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Converting UTM GPS data to decimal Lat/Long with datum

Jan 8, 2013 at 8:29 AM

Given UTM GPS coordinates :

  • GPSLatitude 55,00°40,00'56,54"
  • GPSLatitudeRef North
  • GPSLongitude 37,00°37,00'41,81"
  • GPSLongitudeRef East
  • GPSMapDatum WGS-84

There is a need to convert them to decimal LatLong (X:55.6823722222, Y:37.6282805556) in same datum and to some other like EPSG:900913 in future. Looked into project source (TestUnitTransforms in CoordinateTransformTests, i.e.), but didn't find a way to pass degree/minute/second coordinate to transformation factory. I know simple formulae dd.ff = dd + mm/60 + ss/3600 for that, but reverse conversion is much more complex and i want to have ultimate precision during conversion. Thanks in advance for help.